It was heartbreaking when she was bitten by a snake.

My Precious 19 month old Emmy Joe was bit by this copperhead. Hiding right beside our back door with her toys. Many of you have asked how big the snake was. This is it.

When asked at the hospital what Logan killed it with, he said he didn’t even know. The first thing he saw. Adrenaline was kicking. We were both hoping it was a chicken snake but when Logan went back and moved the toys his heart immediately dropped into his stomach.

Please, please check your kids toys before they go outside to play. This has been a very hard and emotional process for both of us. Seeing your baby in pain knowing their is nothing you can do is one of the hardest things to do as a parent.


Edit: The power of prayer in an incredible thing. We have had so many prayers from all over. They were definitely heard and felt by us all.
Update: We are home and she is doing much better. Her leg is still a little sensitive.

ATTENTION: It has been brought to my attention that people are using these pictures without my permission and sending them to people asking for money to help with medical bills. THIS IS NOT US! Do not send them money. It’s a scam

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