Living Close to Nature in a Small Box Home with a Skylight Over an Indoor Garden

CONNECT STUDIO is a firm of architects. 518.9 (92.5 m2) of land Area: 180 m² Year: 2020 Images courtesy of Prince Production

The owner’s objective, as well as the architect’s design approach, was to create a modern, streamlined environment that was nevertheless easily recognized. As a result, the selection of basic lines and forms produces the finest impression.

The blocks are organized interlaced, stacked to produce the sense of a random pattern, with the presentation of arrays and forms, to generate the impression and flexibility for the overall shape and interior space. Solid spaces are interleaved.

When viewed from the outside, the stacked cubes form wide balconies that recede in height to assist establish a link, allowing individuals below and above to see and converse to one other.

Furthermore, the balconies are laid out like terraced fields, taking use of the land’s northeast orientation. The homeowner will be able to sit in the evening and watch the stars, enjoy the breeze, and have better contact with nature.

The interconnecting bricks aid in creating spaces for the wind to pass through. The major light region for the house is likewise located between the blocks, similar to a private sky for the courtyard and the entire house.

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Be Hieu