Lord of the Rings, but everyone has guns

Once upon a time in Middle-earth, where swords and magic ruled the land, a strange phenomenon occurred. Suddenly, everyone had guns!

Gandalf pulled out his trusty Glock instead of his staff and shot a fireball straight into the face of the Balrog. Legolas didn’t bother with his bow and arrow, he just whipped out his AK-47 and took down every single orc in his path.

Even Frodo and Sam had their own pistols, which made their journey to Mordor a lot less perilous. The Nazgul didn’t stand a chance against Aragorn’s Desert Eagle, and Saruman was quickly dispatched with a single shot from Gimli’s shotgun.

The battle of Helm’s Deep was now a shooting gallery, with the sound of gunfire filling the air. The Ents even got in on the action, using their tree-like limbs to steady their aim and take out the Uruk-hai with precision.

But despite all the firepower, the One Ring still needed to be destroyed. So Frodo and Sam made their way to Mount Doom, guns at the ready. But as they approached the fiery pit, they realized their weapons were useless against the power of the ring.

In the end, it was Gollum who saved the day, using his bare hands to wrestle the ring away from Frodo and falling into the flames with it. And as the smoke cleared and the guns fell silent, Middle-earth was forever changed.

The elves and dwarves argued about the ethics of gun ownership, while the hobbits continued to make their famous pipeweed. But one thing was certain: the age of swords and sorcery was over, and the age of guns had begun.

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