Making Ladybug Appetizers

I love creating fun and impressive snacks for the kids and for parties. I first made these ladybug appetizers for Tessa’s Garden Birthday Party. They were such a hit with everyone that they have become a staple in our house whenever the kids have friends over or if we are feeling festive and wanting a fun and yummy snack. We recently made these “Love Bug Appetizers” for our Valentine’s Day Party. Here is how to make the cutest ladybug appetizers you’ve ever seen.
These ladybug appetizers are super easy to make and fun for the kids to assemble. They are great for kids birthday parties, Summer BBQ’s or after school treats.

How to Make Ladybug Appetizers:
Ritz Crackers
Chive and Onion Cream Cheese
Grape Tomatoes (cut into quarters)
Whole black olives (cut in half)
Black decorating icing
To assemble these appetizers take a ritz cracker and spread a thin layer of the chive and onion cream cheese on top. Take 1/2 of a black olive and 2 quarters of a grape tomato to make the head and body of the ladybug. Then place two small chives (cut about 1/2 inch long) in the black olive to make the antennas. Finally make small dots on the tomato with your black decorating icing for the ladybug spots.

Everyone will be talking about how cute and delicious these ladybug appetizers are.

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