Man gets a six-pack tattoo on his stomach so he can be ‘summer ready’ without giving up beer or going to the gym

In a move that has baffled fitness enthusiasts and tattoo artists alike, a man in his mid-thirties has gotten a six-pack tattoo on his stomach so he can be ‘summer ready’ without giving up beer or going to the gym.

According to sources close to the man, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, he has been struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years. Despite numerous attempts to hit the gym and lay off the beer, he found himself unable to give up his love of cold brews and his aversion to cardio.

Desperate for a solution, he turned to tattoo artist Tony “The Tattman” Thompson, who specializes in creating realistic-looking muscle tattoos. “He came to me with a picture of a six-pack and said, ‘I want this on my stomach’,” recalls Thompson. “At first, I thought he was joking, but he seemed dead serious.”

The tattooing process took over six hours, during which the man had to lie still on his back and resist the urge to drink beer, which he had brought along to the tattoo parlor. “It was tough, man,” he admits. “But I knew that once it was done, I’d never have to worry about getting a dad bod again.”

However, the man’s plan has not been without its drawbacks. “I can’t take my shirt off in public without people staring at me,” he laments. “And if I drink too much beer, my ‘abs’ start to look a bit lopsided.”

Despite these issues, the man remains convinced that he made the right decision. “I’m finally ‘summer ready’ without having to sacrifice anything,” he says. “I can enjoy my beer and still look like I work out. It’s a win-win.”

While the rest of us continue to hit the gym and watch our diets in preparation for summer, this man will be kicking back with a cold one, showing off his six-pack tattoo to anyone who will look. And who knows, maybe he’ll start a trend. Soon, we’ll all be sporting fake abs and wondering why we ever bothered with sit-ups.

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