Meet Janie, the little kitten with a unique coat that was discovered abandoned by the side of the road and given a permanent home

In Ontario, Canada, a little kitten was discovered wandering by itself on the side of the road.

The tiny kitten weighed just 82 grams, but when she was saved and taken to the Small but Mighty Kitten Rescue, it was discovered that she was unexpectedly vivacious and active.

The kitten was motivated to survive and prosper despite being abandoned at such an early age and was fortunate to have found the ideal location.

The Small but Powerful Kitten Rescue founder, Mellissa, gave the cat the name Janie and immediately began providing the best care she could.

Fever coat, a particular kind of silvery coat that can develop when the mother cat is unwell or stressed during pregnancy, was present on Baby Janie at birth.

Fortunately, this is not harmful, and kittens with fever coats typically develop their actual color over time.

Janie required 24-hour care due to her small size.

She required frequent feedings in addition to being too immature to control her body temperature, so she spent a lot of time snuggled up in an incubator.

But in just three days while being cared for by Mellissa, Janie had gained 100 grams and was demonstrating what a little fighter she was.

The small kitten was obviously quite enthusiastic about life.

Another of Mellissa’s rescues, June, noticed Janie while she was busy growing and eating.

A lovely, heavily pregnant stray cat had been rescued by Mellissa a few weeks prior to Janie’s arrival.

After a few weeks of fostering the expectant mother, Melissa was thrilled to welcome a litter of adorable, new kittens into the world.

A few weeks later, when June heard the small meows of a new little kitten in the house, she realized she had been a very wonderful and dedicated mother and that she needed to step in and help.

June started watching Janie through the incubator because she wanted so much to care for and adore the tiny kitten that she started crying as she did so.

But at two weeks old, Janie was finally big and healthy enough to be taken out of the incubator and introduced to her adoptive mother.

June was overjoyed when they were able to finally meet in person.

According to Mellissa in an interview with Love Meow, “June instantly took Janie as her own as soon as I was able to securely introduce them.”

June nestled up next to the kitten and her other pups after starting to lick and groom the kitten all over.

Since that time, Janie has fit in in with the small feline family.

Since she was raised by her own hands, Janie doesn’t nurse her adoptive mother, but she enjoys cuddling with her and her new siblings while they both nurse.

She adores her sister Jasmine in particular since she has always shown her extra care and devotion.

Janie can’t get enough of Jasmine’s constant kissing and hugging.

Jasmine, in her opinion, is the ideal big sister a small cat could ask for.

While Janie is around two weeks younger than her siblings, she is doing her best to keep up with them.

She has a fantastically upbeat, vivacious personality and enjoys traveling.

Since Janie has now been four weeks old, she has started experimenting with solid foods.

She has gained a pound and is getting bigger and stronger every day.

Janie is developing into a wonderful kitten, and it is obvious that she is precisely where she should be.

Thanks to her two mothers, Mellissa and June, the spirited little kitten is set for a fantastic and interesting future.

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