Mother gave birth to her own baby on the byear floor after labor lasted just TWO MINUTES

Sandra, 32, of Melbourne, Australia, called her husband Jack for her when she felt her first contraction. However, you didn’t have time to get to the hospital, she herself gave birth to a child in just two minutes, lying on the floor of the year.
A week earlier, the woman had gone to the doctor complaining of blood drops, but the examination showed that the cervix was closed, with no signs of preterm labor. According to the gynecologist, there are still a few weeks left for the child’s birth. However, Sandra isn’t so sure, because her oldest children, Joey, 3, and Mia, 1, were born prematurely and too quickly. Saying goodbye to her, she joked: “I don’t want to be one of those women who gives birth on the way to the hospital.”

A few days later, upon returning from work, Sandra felt a sharp pain in her stomach. Alarmed, she stopped to call her husband and asked him to pick up the children while she went to her house to rest. At home, the pain intensified and the woman suggested that she was dealing with false contractions. She went to the year and she felt her grip grow stronger and faster.
Sandra began to time the contractions and “ol” called her husband: “I think I’m going into labor and I need help.” Jack stepped on the accelerator and Sandra called an ambulance, where she was assured that the medics would arrive soon and that the car was on its way.

“I concentrated on my breathing, telling myself that soon they would take me to the hospital. but in the next fight, I suddenly felt the head of a child in the background. There was a dispatcher on the line with me, he said that the baby was coming soon and he needed to hold my glass. literally two minutes later, in another contraction, the head appeared first, followed by the whole body. I breathed with relief, my beautiful child was born”, recalls Sandra.

She took the newborn and pressed it against her chest, and in a moment her first cry was heard. The dispatcher advised Sandra to ʋsmell the baby in a towel, but sitting on the floor of the byear, she could only reach the carpet. Soon her doorbell rang.
It was the doctors who arrived, but they couldn’t get in because the door was closed. “We had to wait until Jack got home to let the paramedics in. The bebe is breathing and is pink, so I am calm, my child is safe”, says Sandra.

Jack returned home and was surprised ʋer to his wife sitting on the byear floor with her baby newborn in her arms. “He opened his mouth surprised and I told him: ‘Meet our son,’” says Sandra.
After a quick examination, the doctors sent the woman and child to the hospital. Since the baby was born at 34 weeks of gestation with a weight of just over two kilograms, he was transferred to the premature ward, where he stayed for a month.

The baby is now 12 weeks old and completely healthy. “I still can’t believe I gave birth to my own baby on the byear floor,” Sandra says, looking at her son.

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