“Mutаnt mоnѕtеr” арреаrеԁ оn tһе bаnkѕ оf tһе EEаѕt R𝗂vеr, саuѕ𝗂nɡ Nеⱳ 𝖸оrkеrѕ tо ⱳоrrу

A PIG-like bloated carcass, washed up under Brooklyn Bridge has prompted New Yorkers to debate mutant river “monsters.”

Photographer Denise Ginley took photographs of the rotting, sand-covered corpse over the weekend.

“My boyfriend and I were walking along the East River on our way to a farmer’s market when we spotted it among some driftwood on a small stretch of sand below the Brooklyn Bridge that you can barely call a beach,” she told the New York Daily News.

“We were horrified by it and we took some camera phone pictures and then finally we decided to come back with my camera and I got up the courage to climb over the fence and get closer to it,” she told the blog ANIMAL New York.

A spokeswoman for the New York Parks Department said the carcass was a “discarded cooked pig.”

But that has not satisfied the conspiracy theorists who are more curious about the animal’s purplish long tail, hoofless claws and five toes.


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