Mystical Photographs of Illuminated Forests in the United Kingdom

Ellie Davies fascinates us with her surreal portraits of forests glowing with mystical fairy lights and terrifying mists.

Abstract photographer living in London captures his captivating images in natural areas across the UK. With the forest as her canvas, the fireflies appear to illuminate the desolate clearings and the waterfalls of starbursts dust the brightly lit patches of trees. Davies creates dreamy illusions by combining photographs of the natural world with those taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Davies said she enjoys exploring images that juxtapose human and natural elements, drawing attention to the clear divide between individual identity and interconnectedness. She does this by positioning inappropriate elements in her landscape setting.

“Forests are powerful symbols in folklore, fairy tales and myths, a place of sorcery and magic as well as danger and mystery. In more recent history, they have been associated with psychological states related to the unconscious,” says the artist. “Αin this context, my work explores the ways in which identity is shaped by the landscapes in which we live and grow up.”

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Be Hieu