Is There a New Look Who’s Talking Movie? “Sequel” Explained

Rumors of a new Look Who’s Talking movie have been circulating, sparking curiosity among fans of the original. Despite the buzz, will there actually be another film in the franchise? Here’s what we know.

The original Look Who’s Talking, released in 1989, didn’t achieve the iconic status of other films but it did charm audiences with its unique premise. The synopsis reads: “A single woman faces hard times after the birth of her child. She finds an unlikely friend and possible love interest in a cab driver. Meanwhile, her newborn tries to make sense of her hurried life.”

Recently, rumors have suggested a potential sequel, but the truth behind these claims needs to be clarified.

Is There a New Look Who’s Talking Movie?

No, there won’t be another Look Who’s Talking sequel. The rumors likely stem from a fake movie poster created by Facebook group YODABBYABY, known for generating hoax posters for non-existent movies. Previous fake posters from this group include a Clueless sequel, a Spirited Away TV series, and another Stargate movie—none of which are actually in development.

A fake poster for “Look Who’s Talking Again” features John Travolta, Taron Egerton, and Elizabeth Olsen, with voices from David Schwimmer, Margot Robbie, Timothée Chalamet, and Brie Larson. The caption reads:

“LOOK WHO’S TALKING AGAIN!!! Get ready for a delightful family reunion in ‘Look Who’s Talking Again,’ starring John Travolta, Taron Egerton, and Elizabeth Olsen. Follow Mikey and Julie, now grown up, as they navigate the joys and challenges of impending parenthood, with their dad James by their side. With twins on the way for both siblings, this heartwarming comedy promises laughs, love, and plenty of surprises. Don’t miss it in theaters this December 2024, featuring the adorable voices of the babies, portrayed by David Schwimmer, Margot Robbie, Timothée Chalamet, and Brie Larson.”

However, this film doesn’t exist and won’t be hitting theaters in December 2024, or any other time.

Fans of the original may remember the actual sequel, Look Who’s Talking Too, released in 1990, which did not perform well and likely inspired the idea that the story deserved a second chance. Despite these creative rumors, no new sequel is in development.

While we won’t be seeing another Look Who’s Talking film, there are plenty of other amazing films to stream and enjoy.


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