Off-The-Grid Tiny House on Wheels with Heritage Styles

This off-the-grid tiny house on wheels is very stunning it’s a heritage-style design that is located in British Columbia, and surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery.

The Outside
The space of this tiny house is pretty beautiful; it’s like a square box; the windows and doors are perfect in design; the roof is pretty beautiful; and the color is very cool.

This house is about 24 feet long, eight and a half feet wide, and thirteen and a half feet tall, with a total area of 225 square feet.

The Tiny House’s Interior

This interior is quite lovely. The ceiling is very high, which makes the house feel open and airy. There are 15 windows and a 3 by 3 skylight, which makes the house very bright.

The Living Room

The living room space is the first section of this tin house; there is a comfy couch on the right side, below the windows, and right behind that is your little dining table where you can enjoy your meal while also doing some work.


The Tiny House’s kitchen
This kitchen is very modern, with a beautiful countertop, a sink right below the window, and a stovetop with tons of floating shelves.



There are a lot of green-gray cabinets beneath the countertop space, as well as a dishwasher and your full-size fridge with a washer and dryer combo.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House
This bathroom is light and airy, with a small bathtub on the right side, a vanity area with plenty of storage, and a composting toilet that is simple to use.

The Attic
This loft space is quite spacious and luxurious, with a king-size mattress and some pillows for added comfort.

There are nightstands on both sides, as well as a nightlight and a skylight window to enjoy the stargazing.



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