Off the Grid – Tiny Houses A-Frame Cabin

The Tiny Houses A-Frame Cabin is an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their living space without sacrificing comfort or functionality. There are several Tiny Houses A-Frame Cabin construction options available, so you can find one that meets your needs. Some people prefer to build their own cabin, while others may prefer to buy one that has already been built.

On the outside, you have a small front porch with a chair and a storage area for your firewood. The door is really cool because it has a window above it. The side is black metal, and there are two on the side as well. On the outside, it looks really cool. It’s totally deserving of this little A-frame out in the desert, right next to your fire pit to enjoy those cold nights.

Tiny Houses A-Frame Cabin Interior
If you walk right in, you’ll notice you can see everything right away and there are two beds, and it’s just pretty open the inside matches the outside with the wood and the collar palette is just earthy tones and on the left side, you’ve got your kitchen area quotations you have your dishes and cups your kitchen utensils and above that, you’ve got your kitchen utensils and above that, you’ve got your kitchen utensils and above that, You have a propane stove top, which is nice because you can cook your food while you’re out here in the desert off the grid, and a propane heater. There is no air conditioning in this place, which is fine because it gets cold at night and doesn’t get too hot during the day. There is a mini-fridge, and then you proceed to your main bed area, which has a full bed and two windows that can be opened.

The design of everything is really cool, you can store your stuff underneath the bed if you need to because this place is a little limited in space, it is a tiny home and one aspect of tiny houses is the folding tables, which this place has you have this table now it is up but you just unlatch it and it lowers down and you can fold out the legs and you have an entire table, it’s really easy to work at, eat at, or whatever, and there are chairs back here in the corner that you can use outside or for this table however you’d like, and when you’re done, you just fold right back up and it saves all that space right under that you have some shelves that have your toiletries and towels on them.


On the bottom floor behind that, you’ve got a mini stove fireplace area this is the smallest one but it fits this place perfectly and it looks really cool and the exhaust just goes outside through the pipe and it’s really nice and aesthetic looking and that whenever it gets cold during the winterish months you can just throw some wood in here and it would heat this place instantly because this place is very tiny as you may have noticed when we first walked in that. It’s very comfortable and spacious, and if you’re not using that space in this ladder right now, you can remove it and store it somewhere else.

There are outlets throughout this entire A-frame which is really nice. Of course, I’ve charged my gear and all that stuff and it worked perfectly. As I mentioned, this place is off the grid, which means there is a solar panel located in the back of the house with the battery banks and I charged all my stuff and left lights on in the fridge and it worked perfectly.

The Bathroom

You may be wondering about the bathroom situation. You have this small building on the right side with your shower and the bathroom on the left side. The shower is heated; it simply has a large tank of water behind it, and when you turn it on, the water comes out and instantly heats up, and then you have a small sink area; they do provide more water inside, and there is an endless supply if you need it, so it’s a completely unique experience.

I want to show all of the different styles and unique experiences that Airbnb has to offer, so if you want to have some fun and do something a little different than your typical Airbnb luxurious stay, I would suggest coming out here and doing some glamping, which is what the company that owns this calls it.

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