One of eight canines “seized” after a woman was fatally attacked

Dog of Delia Lewis One of the canines present at the assault was named Shiva.

The 28-year-old victim was attacked on Thursday while walking a pack of dogs in the secluded natural area of Gravelly Hill in Caterham, Surrey.

As a result of the horrible occurrence, which also injured a second victim, eight dogs, including an 11-stone Leonberger named Shiva, were reportedly taken into police custody.

Shiva may or may not have been one of the dogs who attacked; according to eyewitnesses, at least four of the eight dogs targeted the victim.

A post-mortem that might clarify the details is scheduled.

In a video, Delia Lewis, the owner, can be seen becoming upset as her new pet urinates on the floor and rips up the carpet.

The puppy, who was originally called Maple, was reportedly later given the name Shiva, which is also the name of a Hindu deity known as “The Destroyer.”

It is alleged that the 11-stone Leonberger is in police custody (Picture: Wimbledon Veterinary Surgery)

After the dog attack, Inspector Lyndsey Whatley addresses the media in front of Caterham Police Station (Picture: Shutterstock)

Numbers were used by forensic teams to indicate the crime scene. Image credit: SWNS

When it happened, the dog walker was out in the wilderness with a group of animals (Picture: SWNS)

In Caterham, Surrey, specialized rescue teams arrived at Gravelly Hill. (Image: PA)

Don’t get me wrong; she is sweet, but not that sweet, I guess.

After the event in Caterham, Ms. Lewis said on social media that her dog was “one of the ones missing.”

She said, “She’s a Leonberger; if you have any information, please let me know where to go or what to do.”

An investigation has been opened into the tragedy, which occurred on Thursday at 2:45 p.m.

A 60-year-old lady who was riding a horse and witnessed the assault claimed the blonde victim spotted her approaching and yelled, “Turn back, turn back!”

She stated, “When we saw her, she was around 50 feet away.” She was being attacked by at least four medium-sized dogs, possibly more, and they were pulling on her sides and arms as she was yelling and crying.

According to the eyewitness, the absence of any dog barking made the violent episode all the more terrifying.

After receiving treatment for bites, the second woman who was hurt in the dog attack was released from the hospital.

Police may be investigating whether the victim was listed as a dog walker.

She “simply had too many pets,” according to one “close to the matter” source.

You can’t control that many dogs, I tell you. They claimed that if something were to happen, it would be like having seven little wolves attack you.

Two dachshunds, a cockapoo, a collie, and the Leonberger are thought to have been among the dogs involved; none of them are considered dangerous.

Eight canines were taken into custody, and their owners have all been informed, according to Surrey Police on Friday.

This past weekend, there were more police officers on duty at Gravelly Hill “to reassure any local homeowners and visitors.”

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Inspector Josephine Horner stated: “This is a tragic event where a young woman has regrettably lost her life. Our prayers continue to be with her family and friends, and during this trying time, the family has requested that their privacy be respected.

Specialist teams have been working on the scene performing forensic work, but this work has now been finished and the area is now again open to the public.

I am aware that this occurrence has raised serious worries in the community, and officers from the neighborhood team will be present to reassure locals.

“The investigation is ongoing to determine the facts behind this occurrence, and I urge anyone with knowledge who has not yet spoken to police to contact us,”.


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