Owner believed the dog had died two years prior, but later discovered her living alone in the mountains.

A dog that had wandered into a housing development in the highlands was being pursued by Animal Protection. It was a miracle she was still alive because she was so malnourished. When animal welfare fell short, Hope For Paws stepped in, and that was a wonderful thing!

The unfortunate dog had lost so much hair that the skin’s transparency allowed you to see the bones. Her appearance was sad in every way. Although the dog loathed people, she was powerless against the cheeseburgers her rescuers were glad to serve her. Poor child had a serious food problem.

One of the rescuers crept up behind her to arrange the noose as the others continued to feed her. They would have to capture this unfortunate animal, even if it took a few terrifying seconds. She need a proper house and medical assistance.

Mountains or streets are not places for dogs! She deserved a true residence!

The tiny dog was finally delicately picked up and placed inside the vehicle. Despite her fear, she exhibited excellent behavior. They gave her the name Edna. She had a microchip when they inspected her again at the health center. It found out that a few years prior, her original owner had transferred her to a different residence. She was informed by the owners that Edna had died. How awful! The positive news that Edna was still alive, however, did not pique the original owner’s curiosity. Edna was placed with a loving foster family, and from them she was able to find her forever home, so perhaps it was a godsend. A fantastic mother and a human sibling that adores her dearly! Edna’s days of starvation and isolation are over.

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