Pelican, natural enemy of the living things

Pelicans are large water birds that are found on every continent except for Antarctica. They are known for their distinctive long beaks and large throat pouches, which they use to catch fish and other aquatic prey.

In terms of their role in the ecosystem, pelicans are not typically considered to be natural enemies of other living things. Instead, they are important predators that help to maintain healthy populations of fish and other aquatic creatures. By consuming large quantities of fish, pelicans help to regulate their populations and prevent overpopulation of certain species.

Additionally, pelicans themselves have natural predators, including large fish, crocodiles, and other predatory birds such as eagles and hawks. Overall, while pelicans are certainly powerful predators in their own right, they are not generally considered to be a threat to the overall health of ecosystems or other living things.

Pelicans will attack any creature that walks past them. With their long beaks they can pick up anything

After many times messing with things around and being caught red-handed, a pelican was caught by the police.

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