Police Dog Shot in the Line of Duty Makes Miraculous Recovery and Reunites with Handler in Heartwarming Moment!

This brave Police Dog took a bullet in the chest to save his partner’s life. Take a look at his incredible story.
There are many dogs in the United States who risk their lives while doing their job to protect us from any potential danger; you can find these types of dogs in the military or a police department. On a daily basis, these dogs face some difficult challenges.
Bruno, a German shepherd who works as a K9 for the police, was shot in the head in 2014 while on duty. RJ Young, his partner, was taken aback because the shot was intended to hit him.

RJ had been a police officer in Anaheim, California, for six years. Bruno’s life was in danger, and the fact that he also had a bullet in his chest made his chances of survival extremely slim.

However, thanks to the amazing doctors at this pet hospital, his life was no longer in danger after two surgeries and a week of care. Officer RJ Young was grateful that his friend was saved and can now live happily after such a traumatic experience.”It’s never just a dog,” they say. Anyone who has ever loved a dog (or any pet) understands that they are fur-covered love.
Just look at Bruno the brave dog’s extreme battle against death.

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