She crawled through a field of broken glass to find assistance after a monster broke her back.

I Love My Dog So Much reports that Nancy the Doberman was beaten by her assailant and ended up in a pigsty with a fractured back.

The monster is aware that a wasted dog wouldn’t find any bones in the deserted trash and would eventually die from her wounds. Yet Nancy had no chance of surviving.

Nancy was rendered immobile by the pounding she had, yet she nonetheless started stumbling across the shattered glass and essence fragments that were lying around the pigsty. She had gashes in her eyes and was bleeding, but she was determined to keep on. Thankfully, someone did ultimately come across her, hurry her to the sanitarium, and beg for her life.

This videotape shows Nancy’s traumatic stay in the sanitarium as she struggles to accept her paralysis. Although Nancy’s wounded chine is carefully repaired by the stage technicians, her range of motion is still severely restricted. Her rear legs didn’t move at all, in fact. Her caregivers decide to transport her to a treatment facility so she can receive more care.

After a demanding few months of non-stop water therapy, massages, and regular exercise, Nancy’s front legs slowly began to heal. Her back legs were remained largely non-responsive, though. The saviors got the adorable daughter a wheelchair so she could play and interact with other deliverance kids because they didn’t want her to suffer too much!

The rescuers intend to carry out Nancy’s physical treatment. Her back legs had previously started to move, and she could get around without a wheelchair. Nancy has endured her treatment like a true soldier. We hope she fully recovers and finds a devoted family! To view Nancy’s sad account of abuse and her unbelievable recovery, click the videotape below.

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