She spent nine years alone in a junkyard after her owner abandoned her.

Persephone Harrington, a woman who discovered an elderly homeless dog hiding under a dump truck at a junkyard, called Hope for Paws.

She was discovered by the emergency services under the container, and among the trash when they arrived.
Residents discovered that the building had been abandoned after the owner had been evicted nine years earlier after conversing with locals. Her had been living on the streets by himself and wondering who his owner was all these time.

She received food from onlookers, but she wants so much more. A mischievous puppy who needs a loving home, especially now that she is in her prime, is Josephine, aka Pheenie. Pheenie’s neck was lightly roped while survivors watched to see how she would respond. Pheenie came out of the shipping container directly after once being so careful and loving. Researchers discovered that Pheenie was a unique historical animal and that all of the enamel in her teeth was worn away and gone upon closer inspection.

She was rushed to CARES right away, where she received the proper clinical attention and a desperately needed bath. She had disc-schndylitis, the vets discovered. That is a spinal cord infection. She also suffered from a severe oral infection and a urinary tract infection. Additionally, she possessed many mammary tumers, which is uncommon in unspayed females. Pheenie laid on the couch with cozy blankets after taking a bath. It was her first happy slumber in nine years, and she slept soundly.

Pheenie will be taken care of by LOS ANGELES Animal Rescue for the remainder of her days. She spent days walking, playing outside, running in the wind, and, for the first time in a very long time, falling deeply in love. Pheenie finally understood what an ideal day would entail.

Pheenie passed away peacefully while comfortably seated by the fireplace five months after her retirement. The lady who requested assistance, the HFP responders, High-Quality-Vet, and the Los Angeles personnel are all to be thanked. Pheenie wasn’t forced to spend her final months alone under a dumpster; instead, she was able to enjoy them to the fullest thanks to Animal Rescue.

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