Some people believe The Incredible Big Bird to be a person wearing a costume, so let’s meet him.

Wow, what a large bird! When they first see a harpy eagle, whether in person or on camera, most people respond in this way. The majestic bird is big, to put it mildly. Fierce. Proud. Majestic. superior to life. You’d better not mess with me, kiddo, because I eat people like you for breakfast, it says with a steely glitter in its eyes that almost begs the question.

The harpy eagle gives off the impression that someone is dressing up as the bird from the Uncanny Valley from one angle. From a different perspective, it looks like a Pokemon (please tell me that you see it too). It appears to be something that crashed-landed inside an alien spacecraft on its route to Earth from Blargon-7, according to a third angle, and was thereafter kept in a secure cage somewhere in Area 51.

The enormous harpy eagle is a raptor that inhabits the rainforest.

On the internet, people are familiar with these cute birds. For instance, a compilation shot of harpy eagles on Reddit garnered almost 91,600 upvotes in less than 20 hours. The same image received over 120,000 views on Imgur over the same time frame.

Some individuals believe that harpy eagles resemble people dressed in bird costumes.

Now, it’s important not to underestimate these unusual birds. They are indeed raptors, after all. The American and Papuan varieties of harpy eagles are the two varieties.

Harpy eagles have a very solemn yet comical appearance.

The biggest and most powerful predatory birds that may be found in rainforests all around the world are harpy eagles. Additionally, they are among the largest eagle species on Earth. Despite having a wingspan of up to 7 feet, 4 inches (224 centimeters), the big animals only weigh 8.5 to 20 pounds (3.8-9 kilograms).

The high canopy of tropical lowland woods is where harpy eagles can be seen most frequently. Unfortunately, this lovely animal is all but endangered in Central America due to habitat deterioration. Less than 50,000 of them remain in existence. In Brazil, the harpy eagle is also known as the royal-hawk, which is possibly even cooler.


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