Tattoos of Anubis and imagery from Greek and Egyptian mythology

Anubis god tattoo meaning in ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology is an impressive and novel choice in tattoo art.

Do you want an Egyptian themed tattoo? Confused about which icon or design to choose?

If you are interested in Egyptian mythology or are just looking for an interesting and meaningful tattoo associated with ancient Egypt, you can check out the Anubis tattoo.

History of the god Anubis
If you’re considering Anubis tattoo ideas, you’ll need to know a little more about the history and background of this fascinating figure in Egyptian mythology.

Anubis is a god from the underworld who will judge souls by weighing their hearts to determine their worthiness and arrange their post-mortem fate.

While many people tend to think of death as evil, this is certainly not the case with Anubis, who was actually a major deity responsible for keeping evil out of Egyp.

Anubis has a distinctive appearance with a human body and a jackal’s head. As one of the oldest gods of ancient Egypt, it is believed that he invented the method of mummification and was responsible for teaching it to the people.

Some archaeologists have suggested that Anubis was a god inspired by real-world jackals, who specialized in digging up human remains that had not been buried deep enough.

For centuries, Anubis was one of the most powerful and popular deities in Egypt, even as other faiths and religions came and went. Originally thought to be the son of Hesat and Ra, in later years he was re-imagined as the son of Osiris.

Anubis’ main role is to embalm, guide souls, and protect tombs. This is why drawings of this deity are so often seen on the walls of tombs and in images showing funeral rites.

According to myth, he helped the goddess Isis embalm Osiris, her husband. For this reason, the priests working in the embalming process would wear masks with the face of jackals.

Legend also says that when Osiris died, his organs were given to Anubis as a gift. Therefore, the tradition is to worship some parts of the deceased.

In recent years, Anubis has been found appearing in various forms of popular culture. The genie has appeared in books, movies, and video games throughout the 20th century and into the 21st.

The meaning of Anubis tattoo
If you’re considering getting a tattoo of the Egyptian god Anubis, you’ll probably need to know what it stands for before getting it tattooed on your body forever. Anubis tattoo meanings can vary depending on the beliefs of each individual.

At its most basic level, Anubis tattoos may simply represent a love of Egyptian culture and a desire to pay tribute to the traditions of the past, especially for those with roots Egyptian descent or people with ties to this country.

However, there are many other meanings of Anubis tattoo. For example, some see Anubis as representing a new life or a new path for the future.

When they decide to leave their old lifestyle behind and embark on a new relationship or adventure, they may choose to get an Anubis tattoo to reflect this.

For others, Anubis’ connection to the spirit world and the afterlife is the main attraction of this tattoo.

While some others want to emphasize their belief in eternal life.

Beautiful Anubis tattoo designs


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