Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – By zanailab

#1 Raphael has a fierce red color, showing a hot-tempered, impulsive personality, with a trident in his hand to strike quickly and dangerously, showing the sharpness and ferocity of turtles.

 #2 Leonardo wields a blue Japanese sword (katana), symbolizing a personality as deep as water but as sharp

and decisive, as befitting the role of eldest brother and group leader.

#3 Donatello is purple, mysterious, and gentle; his weapon is a long stick with heavy defensive and self-defense

moves, but he does not kill his opponent.

#4 Michelangelo, the group’s most energetic, fun, and party-loving member (he’s a big pizza fan), is ideal

for the bright yellow color and the nunchaku capable of unleashing quick attacks and unpredictable transformations.

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