The ancient bottomless pit that terrified archaeologists remains a mystery.

Vesti Yamal TV crew found the largest kow crater on Earth not long ago. They were thrown off guard because they weren’t actually trying to get there, but rather returning from another activity.

They were astounded by the eormos cylidrical crater and quickly made it known to others so that a team of scientists could be assembled. This team examined the entire area. The crater was estimated to be 50 meters deep and generated entirely at random.

Here, like most craters, is created by the accumulation of methane in pockets of thawed permafrost. This combination creates an explosive explosion, which causes the crater to form over time.

This is the largest kow crater, according to Every Chvili, the chief researcher at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

Professor Vasily Bogoyavlesky remarked that when it was assigned the mber sevetee, this specific crater will most likely be used to idetify these craters in order to save more deaths from explosions.

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