The baby is eating solids quite successfully.

Here’s my 6month old baby boy.

For his first week of eating solids I gave him solo veggies alone (squash only, carrots only and so on) with breastmilk every 3 days. 3 days to see if there may be an allergic reactions. Thankfully none.

After letting him try all these solo, I mix two varieties of veggies. Let’s say yes to organic and natural foodies for our little ones! Happy prepping mommas!

For the breastmilk, I am pouring 5-6oz every meal. The more he finishes the veggies the more I pour oz of milk. For me it is better to steam than to boil, you’ll save lots of nutritional contents from the veggies too. Rice is suggested by his pedia to give him on his 9th or 10th month. I feed him twice to thrice a day. Foods that are too hard to chew were blended/pureed here but the rest are all mashed.

Some of the fruits I gave him that were not included in the gallery are; Papaya, Apple, Orange (few zest). I observed that he deny eating sweet fruits over bitter veggies, which is a good sign.

Will try avocado as soon as it’s available in the market. You may also comment your food suggestions here, let’s build each other up mommas! We got this!

Now my baby is already 7months, I can also feed him eggs, pasta, brocolli and so on.

Take note to only give your LO water and solids on his/her 6th month.
Caution: Always seek the advice of your LO’s pedia. Thank you so much

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