The Beautiful Moment After Birth, The Happiness In Tears Moms See Their New born For The First Time


I adore birth photography because it results in beautiful images. I treasure each and every one of the beautiful memories I have related to the birth of my child that I would not otherwise have.


The moment you become a mother is unmatched, but there is a feeling that is equally as sweet: the first time you see your partner holding your child. There’s just something about seeing the person you love the most with your child, regardless of how your baby
was made or how this tiny life was formed.

Some of the most memorable first encounters between a mother and her kid, as well as the stirring tales that brought them to that point, are depicted in some of the images that a group of incredibly gifted birth photographers have shared with us.

“This mom had an incredibly long labor with her first at a hospital. She decided to have a home with her second and it was an entirely different experience. Her birth labor was quick and intense… the midwife barely made it through the door before her second daughter was born. This moment captures the joy of birth for me.” (Photo by Monet Nicole)


This was the mother’s first time seeing her sweet son. At 33 weeks she was admitted to the hospital for a rare and often hard-to-detect condition called HELLP Syndrome. Two days later her son was born, thriving, but needing a little extra help. I was allowed to go back with her to see and touch him for the first time.” (Photo by Ker-Fox Photography)


“Mom and dad tried for many, many years for this little girl… It was so emotional and beautiful to witness, the little girl is the best thing of their life.” (Photo by Milk and Hannah Photo)

“Not only was I the photographer for this Christmas Day home, water- but the mama is my older sister. Watching her trust and give in to her body and fearlessly deliver my niece was a moment I will cherish forever” (Photo by Laura Fifield Photography)


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