The Clandestine Stars Part#1

The Clandestine Stars Part#1
Lyra, the cyborg space spy, is tasked with a dangerous mission: infiltrate the Dark World to retrieve vital information on an intergalactic criminal organization.
To succeed in her mission, Lyra must blend into the shadows and show cunning and discretion to avoid being discovered. She must navigate a world where loyalty is rare, enemies can be everywhere, and the slightest mistake can be fatal.
Along the way, Lyra encounters unlikely allies and formidable enemies, but she must stay focused on her mission and keep an eye on her back. She must also face difficult moral dilemmas as she uncovers the true nature of the organization she seeks to infiltrate.
Will Lyra have to risk her own life to succeed in her mission? And what will happen if she gets caught? Will the mission be compromised? All of this remains to be seen…

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