The Clandestine Stars Part3. Lyra was heading towards the war spaceship to leave the dark world.

It was massive, almost intimidating in size. Its black metal hull was covered in cannons, turrets, and missiles, giving the impression that it was ready to face any enemy.
Inside, the corridors were wide and long, with dimmed lights that gave the whole place a dark and austere atmosphere. The walls were covered in control panels and screens, monitored by crew members wearing blue and silver uniforms.


The meditation room was a small chamber located at the front of the war spaceship, with a stunning view of the infinite space. A large window occupied an entire wall, offering a panoramic view of stars and distant galaxies.
Lyra had come a long way to retrieve sensitive data from the intergalactic criminal organization of the dark world. She knew that this information was vital to putting an end to the organization’s activities and protecting the galaxy.
Lyra in the command center headed towards the planet of the Architects. This extraterrestrial race was renowned for their wisdom and expertise in constructing space structures. She knew that the Architects would be best suited to analyze the data and understand the plans of the criminal organization.


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