The man fought the bear to save his dog.

The day before Thanksgiving, Caleb Bentham’s pit bull Buddy was playing outside his home in Nevada County, California, writes ilovemydogsomuch. When Bentham heard growling, he looked outside and saw a 350-pound bear with Buddy’s entire head 90 pounds in its mouth dragging him away. Bentham was terrified, but immediately intervened to save his best furry friend.

He ran towards them, collided with the bear and grabbed it. In a desperate attempt to free Buddy, Bentham grabbed the bear by the neck and began punching it in the face until it finally let go of the dog. Bentham did not hesitate to risk his life to save Buddy. “If this was your child, what would you do,” Bentham tells CBS Sacramento. ,,This is my child, I would die for my dog.”

His friend’s condition was so bad that Bentham feared losing him. He rushed Buddy to Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital, where he was immediately operated on to save his life. Buddy eventually needed spasms, stitches and tubes in his head to drain the fluids. Fortunately, the veterinary staff managed to save Buddy’s life and he is now recovering at home. Unfortunately, the same bear still roams the neighbourhood and has even visited their house several times since the incident.


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