The monster “sea p.e.n.i.s” has caused a stir on social media in recent days (video)


An Australian freediver has social media in sophomoric stitches after sharing a pic of a bizarre penis-shaped creature on Facebook.
“That appears to bring a lot of delight,” Josie Jones, 48, commented above a photo of the marine phallus she discovered on the sea floor off Rye Front Beach in Victoria, according to Jam Press.
Named after Priapos — the Greek god of male generative power — the priapulan’s resemblance to a phallus becomes all the more evident given its penchant for discharging its eggs and sperm into the sea.

Not quite sure what to make of the sea penis, the oceanic explorer shared a pic of it to a local marine research Facebook group Tuesday.
According to Earth Life, biologists were quick to point out that the marine “manhood” is actually a priapulida, a type of unsegmented worm that lives at the bottom of the ocean.

Thousands of ‘penis fish’ washed up on a California beach in 2019.
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“We have over 160 species living under our pier,” said Jones, who cleans the beaches and local waters to improve the water quality for marine life.

However, while many of the comments in the group skewed super scientific, some snarky social-media users had a field day with the doppel-wanger.

Australian freediver Josie Jones has social media in stitches after sharing a pic of a bizarre penis-shaped creature on Facebook.

“Even nature gets the urge,” quipped one Facebook funnyman.

“Where do you put the batteries?” joked another, analogizing the worm to a sex toy.

“Wow some marine animals are going to have fun with that,” said one social-media comedian, to which Josie responded, “You’ve got such a wonderful imagination.”

Another mistook the critter for a sea cucumber, a similarly penis-shaped invertebrate that’s eaten by Chinese epicures to boost male libido.
Of course, priapulida ain’t the only phallic fish in the sea.
Last year, a flotilla of penis spoon worms inundated a California beach, sending social-media users into hysterics.

The creature spawned this gem of a tweet from comedian Mark Normand: “Ladies, if you aren’t satisfied at home, remember there are plenty of fish in the sea.”

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