The most beautiful dove in the world

Pigeons have been associated with something magical for centuries; aside from their beautiful exterior, they are known to be loyal, resilient, and friendly. We all know that before the internet and telephones, pigeons served as messengers, carrying letters and notes. These birds are extremely adaptable, and they can live on all continents and in all countries.

They have colonized the entire planet. Pigeons are defined differently by different cultures. Pigeons are also associated with love and peace. Aside from these, these birds are regarded as a symbol of sacrifice, social, dream, kindness, and comprehension. Today, let us get ahead of ourselves and learn some interesting facts and unknown information about some of the best pigeons in the world.

When it comes to pigeon bird fancy and beauty, the frill back type is one of the most well-known. These are ancient birds known for their beautiful frills and feathers. Their muffs and longer tail feathers, as well as their distinct eyes and red or blue grizzles, are quite captivating. To be honest, no one knows for sure where the Frillback Pigeon originated. It’s possible that it didn’t come from anywhere.

Like most pigeon breeds, it is likely that hundreds of different breeders contributed to the creation of the Frillback Pigeon, and that this occurred over hundreds of years.

The best guess for the origin of the Frillback Pigeo is’somewhere in Asia,’ which isn’t all that specific, is it?


The Frillback Pigeon is known for being slightly larger than other pigeon breeds. The main attraction of the bird, of course, is the stunning feathers that they have.





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