The most lovely and meaningful small double tattoo in 2023

The trend of double tattoos is becoming more and more popular and prevalent among young people. Not only couples who love each other, even close friends can own a couple tattoo. In addition to aesthetics, these tattoos also carry special meanings. It can be a memory of love, friendship or simply marking a memorable event in life. If you are looking for cute and meaningful mini double tattoo designs, please refer to the samples below.
.What does the mini double tattoo mean?
The “couples” often tend to use couple clothes as a mark of mutual “sovereignty”, such as double shirts, double shoes, couple rings… Besides, mini double tattoos have gradually become popular. more popular and popular among young people. Unlike the couple items mentioned above, the tattoo will always exist on each person’s body, not fade or lose, as an affirmation that their love will last forever, never fading. blur.

Couple tattoos are often associated with special occasions of two people, such as the first day they met, the day they started dating, or the official date of home together, this is also a quite unique and interesting way to save money. Keep meaningful memories between couples. In addition, even close friends can own a couple tattoo to show the bond between two people.
. Couple mini tattoo with lover
Couple mini tattoos don’t have to be too complicated, or have a deep meaning, simply the year of birth or the other’s birthday, also forming a minimalistic tattoo. suitable for many different styles but very cute.

Wing tattoo is certainly not strange to everyone, this is also one of the most popular double tattoos today. Because the image of the wings here symbolizes the wings of the god of love – Cupid, always bringing joy and happiness to everyone. Moreover, couples who get this tattoo wish to always be together, as well as wings, there are always new couples who can fly high and far away.

Music is also an interesting topic that couples cannot ignore when getting a mini couple tattoo. It could be a song you both love, or the first time you both heard it together, or simply a song that resembles a love story between two people.

Referring to the mini double tattoo without mentioning the heart symbol is a mistake. The heart tattoo is the simplest but most popular symbol, expressing the deep love between two people. If you want the tattoo to be more unique and artistic, you can transform a few more small details as below.

Besides the mini double tattoo ideas that Dep365 mentioned above, you can refer to some other mini double tattoos, equally unique and lovely.

. Mini tattoo of best friends
Surely each of us has a close friend, right? So what’s better if both of them have a mini double tattoo! It will be an extremely durable and unforgettable friendship mark. Simple, fun tattoos like smileys, cartoons, etc. will be a safe choice for close friends, unique but not too ostentatious.

Anime style mini double tattoos, cartoon characters, comics are also very suitable for close friends.

As everyone knows, the lovely robot cat Doraemon has always been a companion with Nobita throughout the series and is always present when the clumsy boy Nobita has difficulties, bringing magical treasures to solve the problem. solve many problems. Therefore, this tattoo is like an affirmation that “I will always be there and present when you need it”.

Tattoos with lovely motifs as below will be very suitable for close friends, although tattooed, they are very lovely, not pitiful, suitable for candy girls who pursue Korean style.

. Beautiful couple tattoo for couple
The image of two crowns always reminds people of the powerful image of the king and queen. The meaning of this tattoo is that couples will always be together, building a prosperous and peaceful family life together.

The image of the moon and the sun always goes hand in hand, although they are opposite, they are always behind to support each other, this will also be a meaningful tattoo for couples who want to get a mini double tattoo.

Family is the most sacred and precious thing for each person. Especially for married couples, family is even more important. A small tattoo will always remind us of our small family and forever engrave their image in our hearts.

Check out some more mini double tattoos for couples below.

. Mini double tattoo on the back of the neck
The back of the neck tattoo is quite discreet, especially for girls. But when she pulls her hair up to reveal the tattoo, it adds to the unique charm. In addition, this is also a suitable tattoo location for those who have a high tolerance, because it is much more painful than other positions.

. Mini double tattoo on the back
The back is also considered an interesting tattoo position, discreet but very personal, suitable for those who do not want to show off their tattoos too much.

. Beautiful mini double tattoo with blue straps
Mini double tattoo on the collarbone will be more suitable for girls, because this is the part that helps to enhance the slenderness, charm and beauty of the girls, suitable for many different objects.

. Mini double tattoo on finger
Mini double tattoo on finger as a loving commitment of couples, connecting two hearts together. Therefore, many couples choose mini tattoos on their fingers to express their eternal love.

. Beautiful mini double tattoo on wrist

Wrist position is one of the easiest places to “show” tattoos and is also the most popular position. If anyone is still wondering where to get a tattoo, the wrist will be the perfect choice, suitable for both men and women.

3.6. Mini double tattoo on foot
Unlike the other positions, the ankle position is quite difficult to see when tattooing, but it has a very unique and unique feature. Foot tattoos are like jewelry, helping to enhance the beauty of your feet.

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