The Super Amazing DIY Tiny House

We will see The Incredible Fantastic Homemade Small House in this episode.

A young woman who converted her passion for carpentry into the pinnacle of achievement built this tiny house after falling in love with the concept of a tiny house on wheels.


The Outside
About two point four meters by four point eight meters in size, this tiny house is quite the highest at three point eight meters above the ground.

This young woman is really accomplished as evidenced by the exterior of the tiny house, which is very cool. The roof, door, and windows are flawless, and the wood trim is lovely.

The Little House interior
The interior of this tiny house is quite attractive. It has an open concept and a very high ceiling.

This is your living area; you have a small couch on this side with these pillows; it’s a lovely space with some storage underneath; and then there is your fireplace, which is crucial because it adds warmth and coziness to this tiny home.

The kitchen
You have a sink, burner, and knife right here in your full-size kitchen, which also has a countertop in the shape of a L next to the wall.

There is too much light coming in from these windows, however underneath this countertop area there are a ton of cabinets and storage areas, so you can store a ton of things.

The Bathroom

The tub area in the front of this bathroom is very cool, and the composting toilet is located just behind it.

The Loft
The king-size mattress and pillows are in the center of this loft-style room, which also has a modest window on the head of the bed that looks out into the outside and lets light in


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