The unusual “two legs on the shoulders” of a 6-legged cow in a magical fish stream

A “mutant” cow with up to 6 legs is kept in captivity near the Cam Luong Fish Stream tourist area (Cam Thuy district, Thanh Hoa).

Recently, many tourists from all over the world when traveling, visiting the Magic Fish Stream in Cam Luong commune (Cam Thuy district, Thanh Hoa) could not help but be curious about the “mutant” cow with up to 6 legs being used by a resident. local captive.

Mr. Bui Minh Tuan (41 years old, living in Cam Luong commune, Cam Thuy district) – the owner of the above cow said that nearly a year ago, his family bought it from a relative in the village. The cow is nearly 20 months old and weighs about 200 kg.

“When I came to buy this cow, the old owner said that when the cow was pregnant, there was no abnormality, when the calf was born, two very strange legs grew on the neck,” Mr. speak.

According to Mr. Tuan, up to now, the 6-legged cow has grown and developed normally, even very healthy and fat. Cows are being kept in captivity next to the magic fish stream, so that visitors here can “see” this strange animal.

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Be Hieu