The unusual undersea finds startled even archaeologists.

12 mysterious and strange things found under the ocean that you can’t get into your eyes.

As we all know, the scientific world never stands still, and they are busy searching and discovering the mysterious things.

However, in fact, people have only discovered 5% of the world under water.

That means beneath the vast and vast oceans there are millions of secret things that are being hid.

It can be treasures, treasures with a value of up to hundreds of millions of dollars, ancient treasures buried with thousands of hashes and countless other strange things.

The remnants of this layer have a shape, about 60m long, part 3 is 4m long.

Detecting this water has caught the ship from the sea. Find the bodies of wine ships that were sunk by the German Navy during World War I in this area.

In the process of searching for precious champagne in the bodies of the shipwrecks, the expedition team also found the existence of a strange object with the same structure as a flying saucer, especially when the Tiet repeaters Near the object to film, their devices suddenly turned off and mysteriously disconnected, much to the surprise of the people who made a note of the origin of the strange object.

Many netizens, even a team of experts, have said that this strange object is quite similar to the Star War 2 movie and some people think that this object could be a person. tiпh.

Surely no one will answer that it is primitive and primitive, and no one will be able to guess that the Greeks at that time could have created a supercomputer.

And the fact is that in the year 1990, Greek divers found 82 Bronze Shards on the bottom of the sea.

They gave them back to the scientists and after the restoration was completed, those Fragments surprised everyone when they found out that this is the world’s first stellar machine to predict. the periods of the planets and particulars.

This Machine called Attai Katera or also known as the world’s first desktop computer, 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 between 205 and 100 BC, is used to predict the eclipse, and the date is based on the variation period of Babylonian arithmetic with great precision and the precision machine is a proof of the Great Intelligence of the Ancient Greeks and is now on display at the Museum. Archeology in Athens, the city of Atlaпtis of the East.

That city is called at the bottom of Thien Dao Lake, a lake created in the Nation. When Tragi has 5 gates, each gate has a tower with an area equivalent to 62 stone blocks and before being destroyed. Submerged under the water, this city has up to 6 stone roads that are used to connect every corner of the city.

And the reason why Tragi is named as the Atlas of the East is because both cities have the same characteristics that are not located in the city, which makes Trai disappear.

And it is known that that year when the Government here decided to build a hydroelectric station on the West River, it accidentally built a magnificent ancient city on the lake bottom, so now it has become a tourist destination. Changing the language, which can attract tourists, is often very popular with archaeologists to record and preserve ancient vestiges.

Tim Bat Ancient Temple, Cam Bat Ancient Temple is one of the mysterious architectural structures discovered in the ocean and specifically in May 2001, scientists announced and discovered about an ancient city Deep under the seabed in Cam Bat Bay, the Arabian Sea off the coast of India, this area is full of houses, a drainage system for bathing, food storage, and a pre-built rampart. the Harata Valley civilization of ancient Egypt.

And since it was discovered until then, more than 20 ancient cities of Cambodia have been immersed in mystery.

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