The White Owl With Ruby Eyes Is Fantastically Captivating And Very Rare.

Albinism has been observed in species other than humans, and since it is so rare, it always appears to be utterly supernatural. Like this albino scream owl, for example. Don’t mistake those magnificent white feathers for those of a snow owl; this is an entirely other kind of bird!

His cherry-red eyes cut to the core of your existence. Every aspect of this exceedingly rare (and true) albino bird is both magical and terrifying.

It’s never a terrible day to enjoy owls’ facial expressions, and this one is no exception.

Screech owls are gray or rusty brown in hue with golden eyes.

The owl’s eyes are entirely melanin-free. The red we see is caused by the iris reflecting the skin around its eyes, which is actually colorless.

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Be Hieu