These Twins Comforted Each Other Just Moments After Birth.

Weston and Caleb just didn’t want to be apart, and this video captured the moment.
These twin cuties are Weston and Caleb Lyman, and when they were born, there was nothing they wanted more than each other. They were born on Feb. 25, their dad, Dane Lyman, said.

Just after being born, Weston and Caleb were taken away to be weighed and measured. As soon as they were separated, they started crying. But then, when they were put back together, cheek to cheek, something magical happened. Lyman captured the whole thing on camera.

“Once they were put cheek to cheek, they just calmed right down,” said Lyman, who lives in Orlando, Florida.
“It was kind of cool just because the room kind of fell silent.”
Lyman shared the video on Facebook, and the precious moment has since gone viral.
This is Lyman and his wife Lisa’s third and fourth child, and Lyman said it made an already emotional day just a little more special.
“I was just amazed at the power of the bond that’s there between twins,” he said.The family has now been featured on the news, and the video has thousands of views. Lyman said he never expected the video to blow up like it has.

“We thought, you know, this video makes us so happy, we hope it can make someone else happy,” he said.
“Since it’s going viral, I hope that’s what it’s doing.”
“It was just a proud dad moment.”

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