This dream miniature house is a life changer for you.

You will want to see the Hazel tiny home in person. This tiny house is family-friendly. The house was built for Hazel, the owner’s daughter. It is a charming little house that you can use every day. This tiny house is a real dream. It was designed to give privacy and feel spacious. The most distinctive feature of this tiny house is its master bedroom. It has a walkway that wraps around nearly half the room. This is elegance and beauty at its finest. The Hazel tiny house comes in two sizes: 2.5m wide and 2.8m wide (8ft 2 inches and 9ft 2 inches respectively) and measures approximately 8.5m (28inches). An extension extends beyond the drawbar. Height 4.25m (13′11) including trailer. Plans are in imperial (metric) format.

The Hazel offers two bedrooms. One has a wraparound walkway and the second has a full-height ceiling. Both bedrooms are private, beautiful sanctuaries. The bedrooms are located on opposite ends of the tiny house. They are separated by their doors, but connected via a full height catwalk that allows safe and easy access to each bedroom. The main bedroom is just like a bedroom in your home, but more charming. The second bedroom is a loft-style space that provides everything you need.

The tiny home’s luxurious bathroom is spacious. This bathroom is spacious and large with a 900×900 rain shower, hidden toilet, dirty laundry cupboard, hidden toilet, hidden toilet, and hidden toilet. Due to the large windows and large mirrors, the bathroom feels larger than most bathrooms.

Shaye’s Tiny Homes was founded in 2013. Shaye, a self-confessed tiny house nerd, has been building tiny homes for hundreds of happy clients since 2013. Every tiny house project undertaken by the team is taken seriously. Each tiny house is a part of the team’s daily life. All tiny homes are designed and built by New Zealand’s skilled, qualified builders. The many tiny house designs will inspire you.

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