This smart dog knows how to help the family by lulling his little brother and cleaning the house when his parents are away!

Pets are not just for companionship or as a scene; the “boss” also uses their full capacity to assist owners in housekeeping. The four-legged friends shown below were promoted to “nanny” status.

As a result, Sohu recently posted a video of a Golden Retriever dog assisting his owner in caring for the baby. Many people were taken aback by its smoothness.

The dog saw the little mistress sleeping without a blanket. (Photo: Sohu)

According to the video, the friend was “sen” tasked with keeping an eye on the baby girl while she slept. Each of its movements can be seen to be very gentle, as if it is afraid of a baby waking up. Furthermore, the boy carefully wrapped a blanket around the treasure to keep it warm. The figure sat on the bedside, quietly watching the sleeping child.


He gently pulled the blanket over the little girl. (Photo: Sohu)

Furthermore, this four-legged fellow appears to be a housekeeper. When I was finished sleeping, the “nanny” rushed to clean the house. The boy expertly grabbed the broom handle and went a few basic ways before collecting trash and depositing it in the bin. He finally grabbed a towel from the shoe shelf and wiped the floor with his feet. Not only that, but after taking care of everything, the dog returned the tool to its original location.

Then the “boss” sweeps the house again. (Photo: Sohu)

The video received a lot of attention after it was shared on social media. Everyone must be impressed by the “nanny’s” intelligence. Furthermore, as it has demonstrated numerous times, its movement is extremely agile. “It’s no shame that a dog has a high IQ,” some netizens praised. Looking at it with such care makes me feel ashamed. Even knowing how to cover a blanket is difficult to teach such a pet. for me, how clever!”

When we talk about “childcare teacher,” we can’t forget about the Bulldog breed. Many children adore this friend. A similar case was previously shared on the Baidu website. The plot revolves around a couple who are constantly preoccupied with work. When they have to care for two more children, life becomes even more chaotic.

The burden on the parents’ shoulders appeared to be reduced when they adopted a Bull dog. It is known that the “boss” and the two boys grew close after returning to the same house. Bull was also a babysitting nanny for a short time after that. The couple appeared nervous at first, but they were able to relax when they saw the warm images of the children.

“Nanny” Bull is very understanding and emotional. (Photo: Baidu)

The dog performs admirably; it is always eager to play with the owner. He even assisted in lulling the baby to sleep. Since the appearance of the “boss,” parents have had more time to cook or work overtime at home. “Bull really surprised us,” the wife said. It coordinated child care and housework in a harmonious manner. My wife and I are extremely grateful.”

The friend helps the owner to look after 2 children. (Photo: Baidu)

Cats and dogs are currently “dominating the Internet,” and their presence drives people insane. Not only because it is beautiful or because it helps us improve our spirits and health. “Boss” is also very good at taking care of the house and the boys. As a result, the role of pets is becoming increasingly important, and they hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. Look at the two dogs above; they are good at water work and do housework that many people admire!

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