Tiny One-Story House in the Heart of a Shady Garden with Cozy Contemporary Decor

Baanprajan is a resort-style house surrounded by lush gardens. It was created by converting an old one-story house into a tiny European-style house with a mezzanine bedroom. Emphasis on decoration with natural materials such as wood, designed to have a spacious living area. Respond to every relaxation lifestyle with a unique warm atmosphere. It has a one-of-a-kind design with a one-of-a-kind charm. This is yet another design concept for a home that appears shady, peaceful, and inviting.

It is a one-story house with a gable roof and simple color tone decoration giving a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Natural beauty inspires the themes, which bring nature indoors with organic colors, textures, and forms.

Tropical furnishings and decor can help to create a casual, relaxing environment with a resort-style feel.


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Be Hieu