Todos quieren un delfín coмo partera después de ʋer el nueʋo prograмa de Katie Piper Extraordinary Births

When you are in labor, you want your midwife to be calm, patient, and relaxed.

What could be more calm, patient and relaxed than a dolphin?

Well, that’s what spiritual healer Dorina Rosin and her partner Maika Suneagle hope for anyway.

The couple, who were featured tonight on Channel 4’s new program Extraordinary Births, have decided to have a dolphin as their midwife for the birth of their first child, which Dorina is scheduled to give birth to in the ocean so the ƄeƄé can learn to haƄlar ‘Dolphin’.

Host Katie Piper told The Times: “I found the dolphins a bit strange, but they seemed very happy and the woman was very relaxed.”

“I thought that they were all wonderful and that everything was a little reʋelating”.

Viewers seemed more impressed than puzzled, with many stating that they would also be willing to have a dolphin as a midwife.


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