Too adorable The internet is going crazy over this shelter dog with the unique set of teeth.

Every time we see a cute shelter dog passing by, we would like to get in the car right away to pick him up. This is also the case with Zipper, a seven-year-old shelter dog with an underbite and unusual teeth.

Different than usual
When Zipper was taken off the street by staff at a shelter in the United States, it was immediately clear that she was different from other dogs.

The zipper is designed to hold the dog slightly forward, making her look different from other dogs. In addition, her teeth are very far apart and she has some hair loss due to a flea allergy.

Hard living
The staff at the shelter are baffled as to how Zipper acquired the underbite. Although her origins are unclear, based on the state she was in when she was found in the shelter, she has had a difficult life.

She was probably an outdoor dog who had poor care, and it’s likely that her prior owners left her behind. We too wonder how you could leave such a cutie behind. You won’t let her leave, will you, after seeing how adorable she is?

Zipper interacts with other animals and appears to interact with kids. According to the shelter, she has a really beautiful, compassionate nature and would likely fit in well in a variety of households. Zipper has likely had a difficult past and is looking for a retirement community with a family that will embrace her for who she is.

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