Top 7 Unique Weird Flowers List

1. Black bat flower

Black bat flower – Worlds weird flowers

Also known as the Tacca Chantrieri, the black bat flower is an unusual one that is found in parts of India, Thailand, Malaysia, and East Asia. As the name suggests, the flowers have a unique bat shape and are purplish black in color. The flowers are quite big and they have long stems that reach up to a length of 28 inches.

2. Flying Duck Orchid

Flying Duck Orchid – unique prettiest flowers

A native to Australia, the Flying Duck Orchid is a stunning reddish-brown flower. The unique shape of the orchid helps to increase pollination from sawflies. The color of the flower is such that it blends with the Australian bushes.

Swaddled Babies Orchid – amazing weird Flowers

The swaddled baby flower is also an orchid variant. The flower is native to the Colombian Andes of South America. The upper part of the flower has an opening and the inside of it looks like a swaddled baby. Hence, the name. The plat is also anguloa uniflora and it blooms in the summer season. The flowers grow 10cm across, are waxy, and are very fragrant.

4. Rafflesia Arnoldii

Rafflesia Arnoldii – Rare exotic flowers

Known as the Corpse flower, the Rafflesia is very rare. It is considered one of the world’s weirdest flowers that grow in the rainforests of Indonesia. There is much debate surrounding Rafflesia as many do not consider it a flower at all. It is often considered a parasitic organism that has no visible roots, stems, or leaves. The flower is huge in size and spreads a pungent smell wherever it grows.

5. Hooker’s Lip Flower

Hooker’s Lip Flower: Weird, unusual flowers

The blooming plant Psychotria elata produces hooker’s lips. Its brilliant crimson bracts give the blossom the appearance of full, red lips. The plant can be found in South and Central American rainforests. Unfortunately, the flower’s appealing red lip form only lasts for a brief period of time. A new, little flower emerges from the center of the huge red bracts as the lip-like structure vanishes from the plant. Many pollinators, including small birds and butterflies, are drawn to these scarlet bracts that resemble lips.

6. The Voodoo Lily

The Voodoo Lily – Worlds weirdest flowers

A flower found in Indonesia; the Voodoo Lily is definitely one of the world’s weirdest flowers. The bloom grows up to 12 feet tall and weighs nearly 200 lbs. The Voodoo lily can be quite intimidating if you whiff its smell.

7. White Egret orchid

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