1- Scotland


Tourists come here in masse every year to take in the breathtaking scenery, spectacular castles, alluring beaches, and picture-perfect neighborhoods. People who live here frequently bike and stroll; they hardly ever use automobiles or buses… You can explore here lengthy and stunning walking routes including the South Upland Way, Great Glen Way, and West Highland Way.

Filmmakers frequently travel here to film dozens of big-budget films because of its stunning natural surroundings and charming streets.


This is regarded as a dynamic nation with numerous sizable national parks. Wood Buffalo National Park, located in northern Alberta and the southern Northwest Territories, is the largest national park in the nation and is shaped like a maple leaf. Its acreage is nearly the same length as Switzerland and is larger than the entire country.

3-New Zealand

It is regarded as a nation of breathtaking fjords, beaches, waterfalls, and picturesque hills. The Tasman Glacier Bay, which is around 17 miles long and 39 miles wide, is famed throughout the nation. Take a boat if you want to see the entire Tasman Glacier Bay.

4-South Africa

When you visit South Africa, you can take in the scenery from atop Table Mountain, savor some distinctive wines, or unwind on one of the country’s stunning and well-known beaches.


Iceland’s proximity to the Arctic Circle will enable you to experience the ethereal and enigmatic aurora borealis. You can travel between September and April of the following year to see the greatest aurora. a place with lots of fascinating and distinctive items.

6-United States

This nation is well known for its stunning beaches and national parks, as you have probably seen in the media. The Arctic National Park Gate in Alaska, one of the continent’s wildest and most familiar locations for the natural scenery, is one of the most well-known parks.


Up to 180,000 lakes may be found in this nation, which is known for its lakes. This is a wonderful location for picnics in the lovely forests and sightseeing for those who love the outdoors.

With more than 180,000 lakes, Finland is known as the “country of thousands of lakes.” Here, nature lovers can go on fantastic island excursions and have picnics in breathtaking forests.


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