Unʋeiling the Legend of “Jeng Lot”: Indonesia’s Infaмous Charм with a Scary Beast-like Appearance.

Are you familiar with the Jeglot legend from Indonesia? This mythical talisman takes the form of a small, gaunt humanoid figure, but with the claws and fangs of a fearsome beast. According to local lore, owning a Jeglot charm can bring good luck, but only if it is properly cared for.

The Story of Jeng Lot It was first recorded in 1997 and is a relatively new belief. However, some Indonesians believe that Jeng Lot actually happened in 1972 or more than a hundred years before that

The origin of Jeng Lot, according to legend, there are about 3 types.

1. It was once a human who learned black magic to make himself immortal. Therefore, when they die, their bodies are rejected by the earth. Until it doesn’t decompose and the size has shrunk until it remains visible

2. It’s an amulet that the shaman found after the ceremony but couldn’t tell where it came from
3. It is an unscientific beast in the world and was raised by scholars in the past.

Either way, Jeng Lot is said to bring good luck to those who take care of it properly. But if not well taken care of, Jenglot’s owner can go through a scary story to death.

One of the traditional ways of raising a jenglot is to put a drop of blood in its mouth and store it in a box or chest. By not being able to peek until Jeng Lot has eaten all of his blood and if you want to make it go you have to lock it up until it dries up.

Jeng Lot is often displayed in Indonesia and Malaysia as a mystical item from ancient times. Even so, most people tend to think that the genlots shown are fake or “dead”.

When examining the jenglot in 2009, archaeologists discovered that the lines seen on the jenglot on display in Indonesia were actually simply glued to the dolls made of human hair that give their prestige. Jeng Lot (In Indonesia at least) is even lower.

But in the end, is the story that Jeng Lot is really a magical object or just superstition? What can be judged will only be the judgment of those who have heard its story

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