Unexpected truth when a woman suddenly gave birth at a beach

IR film of an alleged Red Sea birth shows a family aning their newborn eé in Egyptian waters with the umbilical cord still connected for health advantages.

The father claims that astonishing images purportedly showing a Russian woman giving birth in Egypt’s Red Sea show the eé being swaddled in the water many days after birth.

The girl’s Russian mother and Serbian father chose to wash her in the water with the umbilical chord and placenta still connected because of the purported health benefits.

Onlookers in Daha, a vacation resort, saw the father taking his baby daughter from the ocean, led by a Russian doctor who was assisting in his care.

The mother trailed close behind until the family was reunited on the beach in a touching sight.

She didn’t appear tired, lethargic, or in pain as she toweled off and watched the doctor care for her newborn.

The doctor is a well-known Russian expert in water births. The mother had chosen a birthing pool for her delivery, but everything happened inside the house before the images were taken.

The incident occurred in October 2014, but the photographs were just recently shared on social media, where they were promptly labeled as illegal.

The baby is brought in from the Red Sea in a plastic container with the umbilical cord and placenta attached. A youngster, most likely the newborn’s brother or sister, is waiting on the shore. The family then seemed to be enjoying the gorgeous moment while snapping their own shots of her.

Everyone departed the beach as soon as the woman gave birth in the sea, with the baby cradled in the doctor’s arms.

Nonetheless, while it is not recommended, this mother and her baby were joyful and welcoming after their remarkable childbirth experience. We are confident that this experience was as spectacular to participate in as it was to witness.

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