Unleashing the Power: The Oshkosh MKR15 LVSR Dominates Worldwide

The Oshkosh LVSR MKR15 is a specialized variant of the LVSR heavy high mobility truck designed for wrecking purposes. In 2011, the US Marine Corps placed an order for approximately 70 of these heavy wreckers, with initial deliveries commencing in 2012. It replaces the Oshkosh Mk.48/15.

The MKR15 is primarily tasked with heavy wrecker and recovery missions, providing crucial support to the USMC fleet of LVSR 10×10 high mobility trucks. Additionally, it possesses the capability to assist other wheeled or tracked logistic and combat vehicles in need of recovery from various situations such as damage, immobilization, being stuck, or overturned. Furthermore, the MKR15 offers maintenance services and can tow vehicles to the nearest shelters, assembly points, or maintenance units.

Equipped with a powerful engine and a 10×10 configuration, this heavy wrecker boasts excellent cross-country mobility, enabling it to traverse diverse terrains including sand, mud, water, and snow.

The vehicle features a pair of aft-deploying recovery winches with a combined pull rating of 35 tons and 98 meters of cable each. It also incorporates a hydraulically operated ground anchor to stabilize the vehicle during winching operations.

On hard surface roads, the MKR15 can tow vehicles weighing up to 50 tons and is outfitted with rigid or non-rigid hitches. Damaged or uncontrollable vehicles can be towed in a suspended semi-lifted position. Moreover, it is capable of lifting and towing vehicles weighing up to 43 tons and can also tow trailers with a gross weight of 24 tons.

Additionally, the MKR15 is equipped with a material handling crane with a capacity of 8.16 tons at 3.4 meters, which reduces to 4.5 tons at a maximum reach of 6.1 meters. It also features a 4.5-ton cargo deck for transporting various bulk cargo with tiedown points.

Operated by a crew of two, the cab of the MKR15 is equipped with integrated armor protection and energy-absorbing seats, providing defense against small arms fire and mine blasts. An add-on armor kit can be installed for enhanced protection. It is capable of being armed with a roof-mounted machine gun or automatic grenade launcher for self-defense purposes.

Sharing automotive components with the Oshkosh MTVR heavy utility truck, the MKR15 is powered by a Caterpillar C15 15.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine generating 600 horsepower. This engine, standard across the LVSR range, is positioned behind and under the cab, reducing the vehicle’s height and protecting against damage or blockage from mud. It is paired with an Allison 7-speed automatic transmission and features a central tire inflation system. With four-axle steering on axles 1, 2, 4, and 5 to reduce the turning radius, the vehicle also includes a front-mounted 9-ton capacity self-recovery winch. The MKR15 can ford water obstacles up to 1.52 meters deep without prior preparation.

For airlift capability, the vehicle can be transported by C-17 Globemaster III or C-5A Galaxy aircraft, with its height being reduced by 50 cm for easier transportation. With additional preparation, it can also be airlifted by the C-141 Starlifter.

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