Unusual Underarm Tattoo Concepts to Challenge Your Perceptions

The armpit is one area of the body that might seem strange to have a tattoo on. Given that the underarm area is not particularly interesting, tattoos there could seem weird. Several people use tattoos as a creative outlet. Getting a tattoo on your arm communicates your willingness to share your thoughts with the world and your desire for it to be seen. A tattoo in the armpit is unexpected because it is not exactly in plain view.


In addition to the odd placement, armpit tattoos can be painful. You might think that because the needle doesn’t go into any bone, the site might not be painful. Think again because just like the back of the knee, the armpit can be an extremely sensitive spot to get a tattoo. The most seasoned tattoo enthusiasts will probably admit this area is a bit more painful than other areas.

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Be Hieu