We used a metal detector to find a treasure inside the mountain cabin.

Hello to everyone. Today I’d like to tell you about an incredible adventure I had while searching for gold treasure on a mountain. I was excavating beneath a giant stone when I discovered a massive vein of gold. It was an incredible sensation!

As you may expect, mining for gold can be difficult. The setting was remote, and the terrain was difficult. But the excitement of discovering gold made all of the effort worthwhile.

We began by prospecting the area and finding possible mining spots. We started digging and removing the layers of dirt and rock until we reached the correct area. We extracted the gold with shovels, pickaxes, and other instruments.

It was a slow and steady process, but it was all worth it when we finally found the vein. We meticulously extracted and sorted the gold. We worked extremely hard, yet the sense of accomplishment we had was unsurpassed.


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Be Tien