When the dying dog of the bride was carried down the aisle, not a single eye was dry.

The wedding day of Kelly O’Connell will always be memorable for more reasons than one. On the one hand, the day she married her best friend was the happiest day of her life. In the other hand, she had to bid a fond companion farewell. According to everyone around her, Charlie Bear, a 15-year-old black labrador, was meant to be by her side. Katie Llyd, Kelly’s sister and best man, escorted Charlie Bear down the aisle on that memorable day.

The diagnosis of the brain tumor was made in April. He would leave this world on September 9th by dying.

Charlie Bear, rest in peace. Love and memories will abide with you forever.

Jen Dzivenis, a photographer, captured these moments of tears and reflection, saying, “I have to keep capturing pictures, even if I’m crying behind the camera.”

Watch the incredible video below to see what a wonderful way Kelly bid her pal farewell.

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