When they hear why Lake Hillier in Australia is pink, everyone gasps.

The Hillier Lake, also known as the Pink Lake, is a natural wonder located on Middle Island in Western Australia. What sets this lake apart from all others is its vivid pink color. The reason behind this phenomenon has intrigued scientists and visitors for years.

Many have speculated that the lake’s color is the result of pollution or a chemical spill, but in reality, the reason is much more fascinating. The pink color of the lake is due to the presence of a specific type of algae called Dunaliella salina and a pink-colored bacteria known as halobacteria.

The algae and bacteria both thrive in the saltwater lake, and their interaction creates the vibrant pink color that we see today. It is a rare and extraordinary sight that has left many visitors in awe.

Despite the unique and alluring beauty of the Hillier Lake, it is important to note that the lake is not accessible to the public for swimming or other activities. However, visitors can still appreciate the lake’s stunning color from above by taking a scenic flight or helicopter tour.

Overall, the Hillier Lake is a natural wonder that continues to amaze and inspire people from all over the world.

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