While waiting for the truck, a 3-year-old boy surprises the delivery men

For the little ones in the home, the confinement caused by the pandemic can be a bit suffocating. If many adults can no longer stand it, then the issue is more difficult for children to assimilate who still remain under confinement measures.
For this reason, any distraction and quality time that can be offered to distract the mind is really important.
This little guy knows it very well.

All this has been learned very well by a mother in California, United States, who is supporting her 2-year-old son in her new hobby. But, in addition, she has discovered that she is not alone.

Clarissa Alcazar discovered last December the joy that UPS trucks brought to her little son Marco Elizondo.Every time the boy saw the delivery men from the well-known transport company pass by, he smiled at them and did everything to attract his attention and greet them.

The matter seemed very tender to Clarissa but also to the delivery men, who have become accustomed to Marco’s affectionate greetings.
“He was in the stroller and he was like, ‘Whoa! ‘Everybody just got excited about him,” said Alcazar, a Chula Vista resident.

Faced with the stupor that the trucks cause the little one, his new friends from the UPS delivery system decided to surprise him with a truly unique gift.Marco received a custom-made uniform but also a special car that is very similar to the ones that UPS couriers drive.
The boy was speechless

The boy is really happy and also, the truck has a special number that refers to the boy’s date of birth.
“Every time we do something like this for a child, it warms our hearts,” said Mike Thornberry, a 24-year-old UPS worker.

Clarissa is very grateful to the team for the empathy and receptiveness with which they always greet Marco.
When no delivery truck passed near his house, the mother used to take the boy for a walk through the UPS cargo parking lot so he could put in the vehicles he loves so much.

Now that Marco has his own delivery truck, he enjoys delivering packages to his family like the employees he so admires do. For her part, Clarisse thanks everyone for the gesture.
“It was just beautiful, from the depth of his heart… they recognized how committed we were to the matter by going there every day,” Alcazar revalted.

Making a child smile will always be a touching act, but this one takes on more value in current times. For such reasons, the initiative of these workers is worthy of applause and we are happy to know that they have done it as a thank you to the pleasant moments that Marco has allowed them to go, based on the admiration he shows them.
The joy that a child receives with such a special gesture is priceless, they deserve the best in the world. He shares this adorable story.

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